On every look's page there's a link to download project source files. Depending on the look it may have been created in Snap Lens Studio(works with SnapChat) or Spark AR(works with Instagram)

It is not possible to edit a published filter or lens unless you have access to the project source files, however there are many free editable templates available within and on the websites of Snap Lens Studio(works with SnapChat) and Spark AR and many creators and artists have created guides and tutorials online you can access and borrow from. Lens Studio also allows you to export any object from a project as an .iso file and re-import it into your own projects.


Depending on the authoring platform you'll need either a SnapChat or Instagram account. When you publish you will also need to submit your filter for approval (this usually takes just a few minutes though it may take much longer or be rejected entirely for violating community guidelines) Use this guide for help publishing with Lens Studio, and this guide for help with Spark AR. When your look is approved you will get access to a shareable link or QR code you can share with others to access it publicly.

If your look is rejected you can still access to it from the authoring software (Lens Studio or Spark AR) and send it to your phone, the only limitation will be that others won't have access to your look from SnapChat or Instagram and you won't be able to use the look with Snap Camera for use with Zoom and other video conferencing software.