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Filter dysmorphia refers to feeling shame after using Augmented Reality(AR) filters. So many have sought plastic surgery that social media companies have banned these effects. But bans fail to address social forces that create normative desires and they uphold conservatism that discourages innovation that may enhance contra-normative confidence. PAC believes everyone should have access to an AR fantasy version of themselves, and if they need it, the support and health resources to live confidently in reality too.

PAC was created by Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey in collaboration with Heran Genene with support from the Goethe Institut and Rosy DX for their Jemand Society initiative.

Heran Genene (UrDaughterXYZ) is an Ethiopian-Canadian conceptual-immersive-tech artist. She is an artist-enabler by nature with over a decade of experience in some of Torontos underground and emerging arts sectors. Today, her works attempt to document/reflect back a journey navigating: space, time, and social and technological constructs.

Jeremy Bailey is a Toronto-based self-proclaimed Famous New Media Artist. "Since the early noughties Bailey has ploughed a compelling, and often hilarious, road through the various developments of digital communications technologies."(Morgan Quaintance, Rhizome) Bailey has performed and exhibited all over the world, from bathrooms in Buffalo to museums in Moscow.

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